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Pilot voltage too low @ 11.35V. How to fix?

 I have just changed cars (2019 Leaf to 2022 Leaf).
The previous car had Type 1 charge port, the new one has Type 2.
I've taken a Type 2 to Type 1 cable, cut the Type 1 end off and wired it into the OEVSE to replace the previous Type 1 cable.

The Vehicle detects the charger, but the Charger does not detect the Vehicle.

I have all self-checks enabled and get no errors.

I've measured the voltage on the Pilot pin to Ground and get 11.35V. Even if I remove the Pilot cable from the terminal and measure on the unloaded terminal it is still 11.35V.
The Support doc for this error states the voltage should be 11.6 - 12.4V.

It seems like the PSU is not providing correct voltage.

So I'm thinking that perhaps the old car was not so picky and accepted the low voltage but the new one does not?

Any suggestions for how to fix this?

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The slightly low voltage wasn't the problem.

The backshell in the Type 2 connector was loose. Once I fixed that it all fired up and worked perfectly.

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