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Dynamically adjust output power DURING a charge


I currently have an EV with a domestic charger at 2kW. I have some solar panels, and I am measuring the production, import and export, all within Home Assistant.

I was wondering if the power output with OpenEVSE can be adjusted DURING a charge dynamically ?

My idea behind that would be to start the charge automatically if I see a solar injection, but then depending on the produced power, I would like to dynamically adjust the current from 6A to 10A (using some temporisation and hysteresis of course).


Yes!  That’s exactly what I do. I communicate with the openEVSE using MQTT to adjust the output current depending upon the amount of sunlight on my PV arrays. The openEVSE changes the pilot signal which instructs the EV to draw the relevant amps. If you want an example of something I created a year ago using Node-Red and MQTT then take a look at my GitHub page. My Node-Red code has been developed a long way since

then but this will get you up and running. 

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Thanks a lot! I will definitely have a look! I have all the pieces in place, only difference is that I am using some Shelly EM for my production and grid monitoring. I've placed an order for an advanced kit.
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