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OpenEVSE nuisance trips when my PV production is high. No issues on OpenEVSE logs


I bought an Advanced Series Kit one year ago, and it works pretty well so far, except for an issue that I can't solve:

I'm trying to charge as much as possible when my rooftop PV is producing, but I experience charger tripping when the PV production is very high (above 2500W for an installation of 4500Wp).

The charger never trips at other moment. 

Everything goes well when charging at night.

Everything goes well during the day when the PV production is low or medium.

Everything goes well when there is short PV production peaks (high PV power for few minutes).

Nuisance trips happens only when the PV production is high for a long period of time (sunny day).

I looked at the logs, but nothing. 

The logs show that the status switch from "Charging" for 30 to 60 seconds, then "EV Connected" for 10 to 20 sec, then "Charging" again for 30 to 60 sec, and so on 4 or 5 times until it stops trying and stays in "EV Connected".

There is no message issues appearing on the car (Renault Zoe from 2017).

Do you think there could be voltage issues or earth issues on my network when PV is at full power, but without appearing on OPENEVSE logs?

See the logs attached showing the sequence.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(861 KB)
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I would suggest posting an issue on our github page where the developers of the solar divert feature will see it.

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