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Low-voltage power of EVSE for testing?

I am attempting to develop a custom firmware for the WiFi board.

How do I power the OpenEVSE from a safe, low voltage for testing the firmware and interactions between the WiFi board and the main controller?

I've tried attaching 5V and ground to the ICSP header as described in the board images, but it seems to be holding the WiFi board in reset. The Wi-FI board will boot on its own if powered via its programmer, but not when connected to the main board.

The screen turns on and cycles through various self-tests when I apply power, but it seems to be disabling the Wi-Fi board. Testing shows that the "NC" connection on the six-pin header for the WiFi board is low when connected to the programmer, but high when connected to the main board, so I think this is an undocumented reset line.

I don't want to cut up the header in case I am wrong, so do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

From the OpenEVSE board, WiFi is powered by 12v. The 5v rail of the Power supply is too week. The best way for development is to power both the 12v and 5v rails so an EV simulator can be used on the pilot.

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That would be the problem. Thank you, then.

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