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Monitoring total house load and dropping charger load if need be.

We have a 60A/Single Phase Mains supply ( 230VAC ).   My Kia EV6, will charge at 7.2kW (32A )..  Its possible at times that the charger + the rest of the house would exceed the total supply.   I'm expecting that in the next 6-12 months that there will be two EV's, so the situation will get worse.. 

Is there a way to dynamiclly monitor the entire load, and 'back' off the charger if the load is getting too high?

Thanks..  So, I'll need a way of measuring the total house current..   ANyone got any suggestions.

How quickly can this all respond?   If i had a base load of say 20A, then turned on EV charger, for 32A, ( so sitting at 52A total, ) and then someone turns on the airconditioning.. we are over the supply current.  There are HRC fuses, so they are not immediate, but how long are we in the overcurrnet situation.

OpenEnergyMonitor EmonPi is a good choice

Home assistant with any supported hardware is another option.

Really any energy monitor that you can grab the value in watts and send to MQTT will work.

Speed will depend on how frequently you update the measurement of the house current. You could update once a second and leave some buffer.

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