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Open EVSE Fault?

Good morning

My unit which was new in 2019 for use in the UK had an issue with the Struthers relay sticking occasionally. I replaced it with an identical unit and now the charging will start but the relay opens after a few seconds. I put the original relay back in again suspecting a fault in the new unit but it still does the same.

Can anybody advise how to fix this? 

If you are getting a no Ground error, there could be something interfering with the relay closing.

If your station charges for a while and stops and you have a v5.5 controller you may be able to increase the realy hold power.

Thank you for the reply. No I’m not getting a “ no ground” fault I am presuming in your reply you meant Relay hold power not realy?

All that happens is the relay closes for about 10 seconds and it starts to charge but then it goes to standby 

Do you have timers, eco mode or solar divert setup in the WiFi portal?

To be honest I have never used the WiFi portal

What does the screen on your OpenEVSE show? OpenEVSE does not have a standby state. If it is purple and says "Sleeping" then one of the above features is putting the station to sleep.

Okay I will look into that . I believe it does go purple. Thanks for your help so far . I’ll get back to you but not between 2-8th March
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