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Pilot VS Current Now


With my vehicle when i set pilot to 16A, current now saying 11.66A.

So when i set 10A, current is near 6A.

It is possible to update the signal to adjust for my vehicle ? (Renault Zoe)


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It is possible to calibrate the current sensing via Rapi.. please see below article

I had a similar mismatch (MG ZS EV Mk1), with about a 3A offset. The biggest problem for me was that in Eco mode, the OpenEVSE would often request 6A during cloudy periods, and the car, seeing this as a request for about 3A, would shut down the session. I fixed it by modifying the firmware, but it would be nice if we could adjust this by RAPI. Note the RAPI fix mentioned above affects only the current meter calibration which is a different problem.

How i can update the firmware for add this offset of 3A (i think it's a good offset).
I have set 250 for current calibrate for have a little more A.

But it's a 3A offset i need.

I'm away from home at the moment, will post details later in the week. It's an easy mod.

You need to change J1772Pilot.cpp at line #94:

//cnt = amps * (TOP/60);

cnt = (amps+3) * (TOP/60);

Ok thanks, 

Do you have a tutorial for compiling the firmware etc ... with this offset ?

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