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First openEVSE build questions


I'm looking into building my first openEVSE-based charging solution and have a couple of questions:

  1. When will the controllers be back in stock in the European store? Or can I order one from the US and program it with the EU firmware myself without losing CE compliance?
  2. Which type of contactor/relay should be used, I cannot find a definitive answer on the AC utilization category of the car's built-in charger. With the power factor being close to 1, I assume that class AC-1 is fine?
  3. I want to control the charging process (timeslots, kWh, ...) from my home automation (HA) controller via MQTT. Alongside that I want to implement 1-3-phase changeover, also controlled by HA, to optimize solar divert from a 3kW inverter while keeping the option for fast charging during price dips on the SDAC market. To avoid any potential of changeover during charging, I have come up with the configuration in the image attached where the NC relay will block the HA from enabling or disabling the L2-L3 relay as long as openEVSE has the EV charging. Are there caveats that I missed?
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