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Firmware to use for OpenEVSE Plus v4 hardware

I have the v4 hardware with LCD and push button but when I load the newer firmware, button does not work and I get temp over error. I think I need firmware that enables and disables certain things but what is the correct firmware to use for this hardware? I have the latest ESP32 wifi board with 4.1.7 firmware loaded already.

The v4 hardware can run the newest firmware on both the controller and WiFi, however newer firmware is moving away from many of the user features that were handled on the controller such as control of the display, the push button menus, hardware clock and timers. The main controller is now handling Safety and communication with Wifi only. The Wifi module is far more capable for user features.

The 4.x WiFi firmware moves many of the features handled by the controller over to the WiFi module. If you wish to keep legacy features such as the button menu and the hardware based time the best firmware would be a downgrade to:

5.0.1 on the controller 

3.3.2 on the WiFi Module

The temperature issue should be investigated. We would recommend inspecting the station, especially if the error occurs after a long period of charging.

Okay, got it. I like the solar divert features, etc. Somehow my LCD was working but now stopped working but it had the old LCD pack. I just ordered a new LCD because I can't figure out what is going on.

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