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New kit problems

I submitted a Support Ticket about this last week, but no response.

I have recently received my Advanced Kit (ordered in October). It was missing the Touch Button, and the Wifi module seems to be faulty (more below). At present the unit will charge my car, but is stuck at 8.5A with no facility for me to adjust it. The most critical thing for me is getting the Wifi working or replaced - this will get most of the functionality that I need.

I need to know the timeframe for replacing these items if that turns out to be the way forward; or alternatively, any suggestions about pinning down the Wifi problem.

The Wifi LEDs don't activate at any time, there's no mention of it on the LCD at startup, and there's no network AP visible. I have confirmed that there is +5V and +12V on the module's header pins.

It looks to me like the Wifi module is dead - since it's getting power, even if there was a communications problem or fault with the main controller board, I should see a LED flash on bootup. Could I have received one that missed having firmware loaded? 

Thanks for any help.





Hi Chris,

We apologize for the delay. We do not include a button of any kind with our kits. At one point we did sell an optional touch button however feedback was mixed. There were many reports of insects or environmental (rain/fog) triggering the button.

The WiFi issue sounds like missing or corrupted firmware. I will check the support system and send you a replacement and a pre-paid return label.


Thanks, replacing the wifi should fix it. I have no problem with the button being omitted from the kit, I doubt if I'd use it.
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