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Solar PV Divert and Schedule

Hi everyone. I just had a 14kW solar array with 10kWh battery installed, Enphase IQ controller, gateway, and battery. My utility is also implementing peak and off-peak billing. I want to know if this scenario is possible to charge my e-tron:

1. Charge from solar when there is sufficient power available. This looks relatively simple using MQTT. I have MQTT up and running with Home Assistant for other automation. The Enphase controller reports production and consumption numbers to Home Assistant. So, I should not have a problem with this part.

2. When there is not sufficient solar power to charge, charge from the grid during the next off-peak hours.

3. Override 1 and 2 and charge on-demand.


It is possible and pretty easy with home assistant, in fact my personal setup is almost exactly what you describe except I give charging the home battery a higher priority depending on SOC.

Here is a home assistant integration for OpenEVSE.

1. setup solar Divert via MQTT

2. setup charging schedule in OpenEVSE. Use home assistant automations to switch from Eco mode to normal when parameters meet your requirements for schedule based charging.

3. Use Home assistant to select Manual override whenever you wish.

That's great. Thanks for the link to the integration.
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