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Level 2 max current and total Wh so far not shown on module dashboard



I just completed my first (short) charge with my L2 kit. I had set the max current to 18A because the charger was connected to a pair of 20A breakers. This value is not shown when I log into the charger. The display shows some amount of energy on the LCD but it is not shown on the wifi dashboard. I have attached a screen shot.

Bugs maybe?


(46.8 KB)

Hi Sander. That is likely a bug. We are actively working on the WiFi firmware. We have significant performance and stability improvements coming very soon. If you would like to follow along or participate, here is the project page.

 Thanks Christopher I bought the programmer and I'm familiar with WinAVR so that should be fun.

WiFi firmware can be upgraded over the air with a couple clicks. We will post details when we have an upgrade ready.

Oh that is even nicer! Things are working well enough right now so no rush on the upgrade.


Might help a tad with bug tracking... I noticed if I make a change and refresh the status page it will not reflect that change unless I unplug the EVSE and plug back in. Then the new setttings will appear in the status page when I refresh after the unplug:

Similar issue here with v2.0.1. I'm running L1 while I wait for a new circuit to be installed, and there are no power and energy stats on the ESP web interface. Also missing are the sensor values. Any progress on a fix? 

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Issue should now be fixed, please try latest version and if there is a bug please open an issue on the Wifi FW github page:

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