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Is device initialization working properly?



I've been trying to get my data feeds to show but no luck so far. I have deleted all the inputs and feeds and re-initialized them but the result does not appear to work properly. I have attached screenshots of my inputs and feeds. If I understand correctly I am sending/receiving data but the inputs don't have names that match the initialized inputs. This results in duplicate inputs being created and empty feeds.

Did I understand correctly what is going on?



(23 KB)
(31.7 KB)

Thanks Christopher that is very kind of you! I think I got the gist of how things work but had trouble matching what I saw with what was in the manual. The updates you are mentioning sound very exciting and I look forward to seeing them. Meanwhile I'm delighted how much faster my Volt charges and will study the dashboard you put together for me.



Hi Sander,

We are currently in the process us some major upgrades. Initialization is not working properly with latest firmware. We will be replacing device initialization with auto detecting the hardware and auto setup of inputs, feeds and dashboard very soon.

I have manually set up your your feeds and setup a basic dashboard.


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