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Compiled firmware

I've got the Wifi module for OpenEVSE and I would like to upload data to my own instance of EmonCMS instead of the public one.

After some digging it looks like the feature is already in the Development branch at:

However, what I could not find is the compiled versions of the firmware, for both main firmware and ESP8266.

I suspect most of the users do not want to tinker with the firmwares, they just want to update to a later revision that has their bugs/issues fixed. Would it be possible to publish compiled hex/bins as well? This way I do not have to have the right IDE version and the right environment, I could just fire the programmer or upload the firmware from the web interface and be on my merry way. 

if you want an answer from Chris, you might try either opening a ticket or posting under the "reporting a problem" section.

not much else seems to get answered.

Here is a link to the compiled code for the current 1.0 "Stable" release.

I will create a release for the 2.0 "Devolopment" code as soon as I finish testing.

Cool. The reason for the original post was that I found the references to releases link but a few weeks ago it had only the sources, not the bin as well.

In the end I installed the whole toolset and I built it myself, but it would have been much easier if I just had the bin file. Which by the way, for the 2.0 release I think there needs to be some sort of way to do OTA upgrade of SPIFFS (I could not make UDP port 8266 OTA server respond to me. It looks like it is not answering the requests, and just web update works). Currently I am running Devolopment branch as of few weeks ago, but I just hacked the html file locally as I didn't want to reopen the case just for an upgrade of SPIFFS.

Otherwise works nicely, I ended up installing the device module in my emoncms install (the fix devicekey/apikey came a few days later I believe).

Also, publishing intermediary bin files for 2.0 branch can help increase the adoption so you can put more mileage to the code and gather more feedback.

SPIFFS is currently a challenge... 

The upgrade libraries do not provide a method to write a SPIFFS BIN. I am working on code that will download the files from a server if SPIFFS is empty. Not the mose elegant of secure method but it will provide an upgrade path.

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