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Upgrading Older OpenEVSE

So I put in a support ticket well over 10 days ago, however I have not heard a response so I am trying the forum instead.

I have been using a OpenEVSE from 2017, and I liked it so much I picked up another a few years ago. However now it appears that my older unit from 2017 received its first Stuck Relay. I was able to reset it by unplugging it and re-plugging it back in. However it might be time to replace it soon with another one as it just keeps on happening.

Since my original unit was pre-made, I am unsure of parts will be needed or what other parts should be upgraded in the process.


(125 KB)
(60.1 KB)

Hi John we are sorry for the delayed response on the support side. We have a pretty large backlog we are working through. Can you take the cover off the station and send a picture? We can identify the relay for you.

Thank you and I understand. How about the other modules/firmware?

(2.29 MB)
(2.4 MB)
(2.27 MB)
(2.48 MB)

More pictures...


(2.76 MB)
(2.76 MB)
(2.72 MB)

Here is a guide for relay contact cleaning.

If you would rather replace...

For other upgrades, we would suggest the new ESP32 WiFi with 4.x software. The ESP8266 is no longer supported and the 2.x software is quite old and no longer updated. The OpenEVSE controller should be updated to at least 7.1.3.

WiFi Module

OpenEVSE Programmer

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