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Instructions for MCP9808 board?


I just received an Advanced Series 40A - Kit Bundle, and in addition to the expected components, there's an additional MCP9808 breakout board included. 


This is an i2c temperature sensor with the Adafruit logo silkscreened, but differs from the board in their catalog (  with two pinheaders.

I assume this can be chained through the additional i2c connector on the back of the LCD display, but I'd like to ensure before connecting and also get an opinion of where in the case it should be mounted.

If this is a standard kit component, I'd recommend adding it to the build guide.

Hi Nick,

You are correct, the temperature module connects to the display (either port). The 9808 temperature chip on the display is missing as it is not currently available. We are temporary including an external sensor so all of the temperature features will still work.

We mount it under the display to the left side, so when flipped it is over all the low voltage wiring and components.

OpenEVSE Support 

Thanks - Does it matter which side pin header I use off the MCP9808 board?

Nope, the connectors are i2c which are a bus. Either connector on the display and either connector on the sensor.

Thanks - Temperature sensor is working, and I've successfully got it charging the vehicle!

One note for support - my kit was missing one of the grub screws the holds the ground screws to the bus bar. I was able to fashion one from an extra bolt in my inventory, but this may be a good item for your checklist. I imagine it may have loosened and fallen out before shipment to me.

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