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Multiple issues: 48A unit won't charge over 42A, unit gets hot, unit hums

I submitted tickets on the issues that I am experiencing with my 48A EVSE kit and I haven't gotten a response in a few weeks, so I am reaching out to see if anyone has some suggestions.

First, has anyone had any recent success getting a response from the main phone number or support email address for OpenEVSE? The voicemail is full/not accepting messages and I haven't gotten any responses from the email address.

I recently up changed vehicles from one that could charge at 32A to one that can charge at 48A. The new vehicle maxes out at 42A. Has anyone seen something like this? I am working finding someone with a 48A capable EVSE to see if it is my vehicle. Unfortunately, they are not that common. I do have a 48A Tesla to J1772 adapter so I'm looking for Tesla chargers too.

My OpenEVSE gets pretty hot. A typical temperature rise is 30C over ambient. Now that summer is upon us, I want to sort this out. I have made sure that all the connections are tight, tight, tight. Nothing budges when I try to screw them down. I used a FLIR camera to take some pictures when it was running, and the LCD board doesn't show any hot spots like some have reported. The heat seems concentrated in the 50A relay.

Finally, when I put my ear up to the EVSE enclosure when my vehicle is charging, I can hear a low humming. Do any of you hear humming when you put your ear up to it when it is running?

Thank you for your help.

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