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EVSE Won't Charge, Sometimes Reports Errors.


I received my pre-assembled advanced series OpenEVSE and attempted to charge. OpenEVSE reports various errors and charges the car at 0.22A or 0.44A. Max current is set to 30A in level 2 mode.

Additional details:

I’m using the OpenEVSE with a 2015 Nissan Leaf SL. The Leaf appears to go through its proper EVSE connection sequence (beeping and blinking lights) and appears to be charging. OpenEVSE reports current to be 0.22A or 0.44A, the OpenEVSE local web interface also sometimes reports errors. I received a variety of errors and could not reproduce the same one. Many times, no errors were reported. The errors I saw were “Diode Check”, “Vent Required”, and “Stuck Relay”.

On one attempt, no errors were reported, but the EVSE displayed that it was charging at 0.00 amps. The only thing consistent across every attempt is the GFCI error count is set to “1”. For reference, I used the “Reset” button from the web interface between each charging attempt. The power on self test passed each time I performed this reset, except for the one time "Stuck Relay" was reported.

I've opened the EVSE and performed a visual inspection. All connections appear to be correct and solid.

Using a OBD2 scanner with LeafSpy, my Nissan Leaf reports the following errors:  



P3171 0008 EV/HEV PD Module System EVC-241

P3170 0008 EV/HEV PD Module System EVC-241

P316C 0008 EV/HEV PD Module System EVC-238

From my research, all of these are errors indicate that the Leaf has encountered a problem with the EVSE. For reference, this Leaf has been charged with another level 1 and level 2 charger, without issue.

Thanks for any insights.

p.s. For reference, I've attached several lines from the log recorded during one charge attempt.

{"state":0,"flags":512,"vehicle":0,"colour":0} {"state":1,"flags":512,"vehicle":0,"colour":2} {"amp":0,"voltage":240,"pilot":30,"wh":6,"session_energy":0,"total_energy":0.006,"temp":false,"temp_max":0,"temp1":false,"temp2":false,"temp3":false,"temp4":false,"state":1,"flags":512,"vehicle":0,"colour":2,"manual_override":0,"freeram":202636,"divertmode":1,"srssi":-65} {"state":2,"flags":1792,"vehicle":1,"colour":3} {"state":3,"flags":1344,"vehicle":1,"colour":6} {"amp":220,"voltage":240,"pilot":30,"wh":6,"session_energy":0,"total_energy":0.006,"temp":false,"temp_max":0,"temp1":false,"temp2":false,"temp3":false,"temp4":false,"state":3,"flags":1344,"vehicle":1,"colour":6,"manual_override":0,"freeram":201848,"divertmode":1,"srssi":-66} {"amp":220,"voltage":240,"pilot":30,"wh":6,"session_energy":0.6975,"total_energy":0.006,"temp":false,"temp_max":0,"temp1":false,"temp2":false,"temp3":false,"temp4":false,"state":3,"flags":1344,"vehicle":1,"colour":6,"manual_override":0,"freeram":195324,"divertmode":1,"srssi":-65} {"state":1,"flags":512,"vehicle":0,"colour":2} {"amp":0,"voltage":240,"pilot":30,"wh":7,"session_energy":1.101389,"total_energy":0.007,"temp":false,"temp_max":0,"temp1":false,"temp2":false,"temp3":false,"temp4":false,"state":1,"flags":512,"vehicle":0,"colour":2,"manual_override":0,"freeram":190240,"divertmode":1,"srssi":-66}

I’m using the OpenEVSE as a level 2 charger with a 2015 Nissan Leaf SL. Each time I plug in, the EVSE reports that’s it’s charging at 0.22 or 0.44 amps, in an alternating fashion. I have the max current set to 20 amps.

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