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Clock backup battery not keeping the time

Hi. I installed a 1220 battery to the RGB BAORD, Where it marked with cr1220 battery, Unfortunately system get the time erased on each reatart. I have to use an offline time , there is no internet access at the garage. Any recommendations how to get the manual time not to be erased?


I orded this part

installed it and it works ! Haleluya

I am using wifi Firmware ver, 3.3.2

and Open evse Firmware version 5.0.1

thier is a minor issue of  3 hours diferent between the clock in the WIFI UI clock to the clock in the open EVSE, the clock in the UI need to be 3 houres later then the real one, 

I can only see the clock of the OPEN EVSE by puting it to sleep, then it displaly the clock.

If it can be fix - it would be nice 

But I can live with it as is... 


Thanks Man, the shipping at is very expensive to my location. 

in Aliexpress their are many buy options for DS3231SN.

can this chip fit ? 

The aliexpress part is not correct.

You could use this module.

You would need to fabricate a connector to go from the clock board to the second i2c port on the display.

Thanks, The part from Digi key will be available first at /3/2023. Is this part from AliExpress is also an option?

OK. will try To get this part. 

can this one also fit ? 

aliexpress real time clock chip DS3231

other then that - do I need any thins else ? 

OK. Thanks guys. 

I have downgrade wifi to 3.3.2, and the main board to 5.0.1

install a battery on the back of the screen, connections as shown below 


but stil I do not get the time to be recover after is down for a few secunds. 

any Idiea where the problem is?

The last release of 3.x was 3.3.2 here is the release:

You need firmware.bin.

mmm their is a problem

I can downgrade the main board firmware to 5.0.1 but not wifi to 3. 

from the web interface I get an error during the wifi update. I am using the file: platformio.ini that was in the zip file 

on the charging station the update screen it get stuck at 34% ...

I only have the OpenEvse programmer I do not have the USB to serial comm...

any idea how to downgrade the wifi module ? 

If you need legacy hardware clock support, you will need to downgrade the firmware on the controller to 5.0.1 and 3.x on the WiFI module.

The 4.x versions of the WiFi firmware use network time and include a new scheduling system and the framework for multiple daily schedules.

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