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Charge Limit - stops then restarts.

I see another topic where this was raised but not addressed (there was also an issue around timers, and that was resolved).

I can set the Charge Limit either within the OEVSE RAPI tab or via MQTT, that's working fine and appears correctly.

The problem is that when the limit is reached the charger pauses, but shortly after it resumes charging again with the Charge Limit set back to 0.

I expect that a "Session" would be from Vehicle Connected to Vehicle Disconnected, irrespective of any pauses etc. But it appears that might not be how it works?

I am testing this while charging in Eco mode as that's the mode we use most. My goal here isn't to limit the amount of electricity used, but to be able to stop the charge around 70-80% battery capacity. We have a Nissan Leaf 62KwH which does not report any battery information, so we have to estimate the approximate amount to charge and set that as a Limit.

Firmware OEVSE 7.1.3 & WiFi 4.1.2

I just watched as it reached a Limit.

As it ticked over the limit the charger status went to "Waiting. EV Connected"
The countdown timer for the Grid Import/Export restarted from 0. When that hit 60 seconds (the update frequency for my MQTT from Iotawatt) and it retrieved a new (sufficiently negative) Export value the charge recommenced and the status went back to "Charging".

Issuing RAPI $GH returned "$OK 0^30"

So it appears that the Limit is reset to 0 on reaching the set limit, and at the next Eco charge rate calculation a new "session" is started.

I just tried with a Timer and it appears it behaves the same way - times out, stops then restarts again.

Hi Peter,

Can you post a bug report here:

The developers of the software do not monitor these support forums.


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