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OpenEVSE (Europe->Ireland) Earthing (DC leakage/RCD/O-PEN)

Hi All,

I have an OpenEVSE kit and I'm getting ready to install it.  I've been chatting to an Electrician (also an EV owner) and he mentioned "PEN faults" and EVSE installations.

I've been looking up what I can on this.  I think I might either have to install : -

1) An RCD with DC leakage detection ("Type B"?) and a local earth rod (I'm not sure how local this has to be - like right right beside the EVSE or at the local fuse board?).  

2) Alternatively I've been looking at a unit from GARO - G8EV40PMEB - - that seems to have a DIN device ("PME fault detection") that does away with the requirement for an additional earth rod.

Does anyone else have any info on requirements (to conform to standards) and what they've done to install an OpenEVSE ?   In Europe and/or Ireland it might be a bit different to the US standards but I guess if this is whats needed to make sure an RCD trips and you don't get electrocuted then this must be pretty standard ?

thanks for any info !


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As my house has a TN-S supply I fitted a rod for my OpenEVSE.  An additional cable gland went between the inlet and outlet glands, with a 16mm² earth cable running from there to the rod, which when the car is parked up for charging is about three feet from the nearest tyre.

Probably slight overkill with the earth cable sizing, but it's what I already had spare.

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