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Failure to boot (no display, no Wi-Fi)

Hello - I am having a similar experience to another recent post about a new charging station not working (fall 2021). After installing everything and plugging in, there is no self-test, no display, and no wi-fi. I can use a contact voltage detector to verify power is flowing to both the contactor and the controller. The general FAQ for "Charging Station fails to boot" lists the following causes:

1.No AC power to AC_Input  --Verified there is power

2.LCD 4-pin connector is reversed --verified the LCD 4 pin is not reversed

3.Short on output will put power supply into protection mode --? not sure how to verify

4.Fuses next to AC_Input on the board blown (labeled "bel") --? I don't see "bel" on my board

5.Power Supply module has failed --? have to assume this is a possibility

From reading some other forum posts there was a suggestion to reflash the controller with the latest firmware. I didn't have a way to do that so ordered the programmer and was able to reflash the firmware today. Unfortunately, when reassembling it all back together, I still experience the same result: No selft-test or cycling of the contactor, no display, and no Wi-Fi.

Thoughts on how to get this working? 

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