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Re-use Siemens cabling?

 I've got a Siemens VersiCharge from a bunch of years ago that has been giving me problems. Would it be possible to buy the "Advanced Series - Kit", then scavenge the cable and connector from the VersiCharge? I ask because that cable and connector are the best I've ever used for home charging. Thanks for any help!

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I'm hoping to do just about the same thing, except I have an MAXGreen EVSE that recently stopped working.  I might try to do some diagnostics before scrapping it.  In my case the cables coming in to the EVSE have the ring connectors already on the ends.  So it seems like I should be good.  

My question is, for the two low voltage control/signal lines to the J-1772 connector, there is only 1 in use for my EVSE.  Does the OpenEVSE need both?

Phil - have to cracked your Siemens EVSE open yet?  Check the ends of the cables to see if they are what you need.  Looks like for input power it needs the 2 hot wires and ground. 

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