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Feature request: L1 temporary current adjustment

I will use my openevse for road trips where I may plug into a standard 120 outlet for a night then a tt-30 at a campground for another night.  My concern is that after using it on a tt-30 and setting it to 24 amps, it might be left in that state and then get plugged into a regular 15 amp outlet at some point and overload the circuit.  

My suggestion is to add a user adjustable L1 current variable so that there would be two settings, one would be the default setting and the other a "temporary" setting that is overwritten by the default any time the power is cycled.

I wish I was a real programmer so I could better read the code but here is my uneducated suggestion:  Add the user adjustable variable for the L1 Default Current.  Then on either a power on initialization or an adjustment to the default value, simply overwrite the existing user adjustable L1 current with the default value.  Aside from that, everything should be able to perform qs it does now. 


There is a way to do this using RAPI commands. You would have to enable Developer mode. Then in the RAPI tab you would enter.

$SC 24 V

This would set the current as volatile and not save to memory. Once the station is powered down then back up it would revert to the last value saved in memory.

$SC 24 

Would set the current and save to memory. 

We submitted an issue for this feature request.

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