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Where can I find the latest OpenEVSE and OpenEVSE WiFi?

Hi, is there a definitive posting of the most up-to-date firmware somewhere? My OpenEVSE is running Firmware 5.0.1 and Protocol 4.0.1.  My OpenEVSE WiFi is running Firmware 3.3.1.

I purchased my kit in November 2020, so I believe I have the ESP32 version... but is there a way to check without opening up the box?

The WiFi firmware here recommends OpenEVSE Firmware 7.1.3... but I don't have a programmer for the OpenEVSE module so I'd rather skip updating that.  If I don't use the pushbutton or Solar Divert features, is it okay to update the WiFi module without updating the OpenEVSE module?


The latest WiFi release is here:

The latest release for the controller firmware is here:

You can try the latest WiFi without updating the controller, but there are features that will not work correctly. It is best to update both.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll order a programmer now.
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