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3 phase OpenEVSE PLUS 5.5 and GFCI

Hi there! I have some questions about the 3 phase setup that I couldn't find answers to:

1. I have an industrial 32A socket with 3 phases and ground (L1, L2, L3 and PE) but the setup instructions mention neutral (N) as well. Should I just leave N disconnected or does it have to be bridged to PE?

2. In the 3 phase setup instructions, the GFCI coil is not used. Is that an omission or can it be connected and have all three phases going through it?

Cheers and thanks for making such an awesome design!

1. Neutral is needed so the board is powered by 230v L1 and Neutral, the board is rated 90v -264v AC. If you power the board from L1 to L2 the voltage will be 480 way too high.

2. You can use the OpenEVSE GFCI coil, however it does not support the 6ma DC requirement. To meet all EU requirements, a RCD breaker can be used.

Thank you for the response!

1. Given I don't have neutral in the installation, is it ok to bridge neutral to PE and power the board with PE and L1? That should have 230V.

2. Ah, good to know. I'll use an off-the-shelf RCD breaker then

In the US it is not permitted to tie Neutral to PE anywhere but the electrical panel. You will need to check with your local codes to see if it is allowed.

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