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Add support for State of Charge (SoC) display: MQTT & Tesla data source currently supported

Where can the info be found?

I have 2 Teslas how is this handled?

Open OpenEVSE WiFi 

Click the Vehicles tab

Select Tesla

Enter Username and Password

Select the Vehicle from the list

Click Save

Yup does nothing.

Of course since this is a car and 2 of them I have 2 factor auth on.

I guess I should assume this does not work if you have 2 factor authentication on.

We are working on 2FA and a fix for the new CAPTCHA addition. Tesla keeps changing the authentication process, it is more secure but harder for 3rd party apps to integrate.

possible work around

Are there directions on how to get the SOC working for a Toyota Rav 4 Prime?  Seems like it needs to use MQTT but I don't know what the settings should be.

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