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GFCI Fault

Soldered OpenEvse5 by printing the BRD file from the github. I soldered three identical boards (the Chinese print 5 pieces each), but when turned on, it gives a GFCI fault error on all three boards, I began to analyze. found out that the copper islands on the board (GND) are not connected to each other. And when I connect them with a jumper, the board exits the error and goes into the READY state until I remove the jumper between the grounds. 

On the BRD diagram, copper islands are connected by blue Ratlines.


Is it really necessary to connect them with wires, why were they not combined on the board? But there is one thing - I did not use the native dual power supply, but I brought the 5 and 12V power separately, connecting their grounds.


Looks like an error with board fabrication. We have not had any problems with unconnected grounds on the boards we produce.

No. According to the BRD scheme, the islands of Ground are not connected to each other. The picture shows that the ground of the capacitor C14 is not connected to the common ground.


More than 10k boards have been produced with the OpenEVSE v5 BRD files. The grounds look fine in Eagle...

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