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OpenEVSE + NeoCharge?

Hi all,

I'm looking at a OpenEVSE along with a NeoCharge splitter for the 10-30 dryer outlet in my garage. I have two questions:

1. The NeoCharge splitter works by shutting off the EV side when the dryer side starts to pull power. Will the OpenEVSE be ok with this? Will it go into a fault mode of some kind after the power is turned back on? Will it restart charging automatically?

2. How easy is it to set the OpenEVSE to 24A? Will the 24A setting remain saved after the power is disconnected?


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You should not remove power while charging the vehicle. Disconnecting power while under load is hard on all the equipment. It would be better to gracefully shutdown EV charging before starting the dryer.

Current can be set on OpenEVSE through the WiFi portal, the value is saved to memory and will not be lost with power cycles.

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