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Alternative I2C LED controller

Hi folks,

I am looking to repurpose the I2C on the openevse to run a NCP5623B I2C RGB LED controller (I2C address 0x38). 

I have been studying the code for a while to try and make sense of the I2C control, but having a bit of trouble. Ideally, the evse shouldn't test for other I2C devices, and immediately assume that the NCP is connected. Would it be possible to simply modify open_evse.ino with a custom function to transmit the appropriate bits using the wire library? Then this function can simply be called instead of SetRedLed/SetGreenLed on every state change. 

Are there any limitations to this approach? My cpp knowledge is quite limited and I am still reverse engineering the code. If anyone has a recommendation, please let me know.



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