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Support for shutter actuator


I'd like to build OpenEVSE with a type 2 plug instead of a hard-wired type2 cable, e.g. phoenix contact EV-T2M3SO12-4P-B - 1164300,

The user is intended to bring her/his own type2 charging cable. Main purpose is, that this wallbox must not (for legal reasons) have any loose hanging cables, as it should be publically accessible.

Most of the actuators i found require a +12V / - 12V voltage for opening / closing that actuator.

One could add another -12V power supply and a Relais that handles toggling the required voltage on that actuator by having it connected to the relay output of OpenEVSE but I'm not 100% sure if the relay output keeps the same state as you would like to have to lock the cable.

Another aspect would be releasing the cable in the event of power failures - is there a kind of "uninterupptable power supply" (UPS) required to release the user's cable?

How would you attach such a plug to OpenEVSE?

Regards, armin

OpenEVSE supports lock/unlock actuators in firmware and on the SPI headers. A Forward/Reverse motor controller and 12v supply is required. Here is the connection diagram.

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cool, thanks, but ... which forward/reverse motor controller is required (do you recommend)?

the linked connection diagram does not show spi header connection pinout, does it?

regards, armin

The linked connection diagram does show the SPI pinout and the recommended motor controller.

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