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Wifi destroyed? Long wifi power cable connector migrated down and died on my relay

Built my Open EVSE deluxe from a kit in Mar 2018.

Last week, I had a stuck relay error. I unplugged the Open EVSE and let it sit for a few hours. Everything seemed fine since, but today I noticed that my Open EVSE wifi was not operating and, after consulting my modem, that the Open EVSE had not connected to the router since that stuck relay.

I opened up the box and found that the power cable to the wifi had slowly sagged over time. The connector contacted the relay and melted a bit. With the design back then, the power cable to the wifi was quite redundant, much longer than the data cable, so I had just tucked the extra behind the board at the top.

To repair it, I shortened the power wires and soldered them without the melted connector. The ESVE works and the voltage at the wifi connector is good, but the wifi seems pooched. I suspect it got damaged by contact with 240V somewhere on the relay.

So my message is this. If you have a similar set-up and you're not sure you cable tied your wifi power wires far from the relay, or any wires, I'd do it now; they can migrate.

Also, I remember that the wifi install was not well documented when I built mine, and recommended mounting it to the cover. Looking at the current instructions, I see the power wire lengths are better and a better location for the wifi card has been found on the right side of the box. Can I recommend adding a note to cable tie the wifi wires, as is now suggested for the low voltage wires?

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