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I need to set a 12A current limit in firmware

Hello all, I built an Open EVSE charger back in 2015. Simple, no buttons or wifi, no switches or lcd display. I had a Volt, and it only asked for 12A of current. Now I have a Bolt. It will gladly attempt to take far more current than the panel breakers will allow. It's a portable arrangement. Can someone point me to the file that the current limits are set in the source? Or a hex file that's good for 12 amps. I feel like I'm blind and probably staring at it.

Is it:

// current capacity in amps
At line 419 of open_evse.h?

Yes that is it.

Depending on the firmware version on your station you can also send a serial command $SC 12 to set the current to 12A. You should receive a $OK response.

Thanks for the help. It came together pretty easily once I found the right header file.
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