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Color LCD issues

Hello, I have two color LCDs each with their own problem. One exhibits a temperature fault upon startup. If I connect my other LCD to the same EVSE, the 2nd one does not have a temp. fault so the 1st one seems to be faulty. Is there anything, other than disabling the temp. check at startup, that I can do to try and resolve this?

The second issue is that the 2nd LCD does not display when it is green. I can see a faint display but without green backlighting. The blue works and so does monochrome. Is there some way to fix the this one?

If not, do I need to replace both LCDs? Or would I be able to make a working one from the two of these somehow?

Lastly, what version are my boards? I can't find any pictures that match them. Are either or both compatible with a wifi module? I tried to flash to 7.1.3 but I lost the menu and couldn't change any settings so I revered to 5.0.1.

(3.72 MB)
(3.05 MB)

One board looks like an OpenEVSE DIY board, we sold blank boards and the builder soldered their own components. The second we do not recognize, it is likely a clone designed by someone else.

WiFi requires a serial port and 12v input. Both appear to have a serial ports but you may have to make modifications to extract 12v.

Are you sure your display has a temperature sensor? The DIY boards predates the display with the temperature sensor.  Could the second display actually be a monochrome display? Older firmware allows setting the display to either Monochrome or Color. The monochrome display was discontinued years ago.

Thank you for the response.

The LCDs are color with temp.

I'm attaching a picture of the one that does not display green. It still displays blue and red, and it can be switched to monochrome (which then displays as blue), but when it's "Ready" (vs. "sleeping" in blue) instead of being green the backlight doesn't work and you can barely read the text. Is there something I can check the might be loose or is this something that could be fixed by replacing a diode or something, for example? The person who built these for me years ago is a retired engineer so if it's fixable I could ask him rather than buying a new board. It's entirely possible that he designed the board you don't recognize.

Without re-opening the other EVSE, the LCD board is very similar but a different revision because it has a very similar layout. It has the same writing on it and all three colors operate correctly. It has worked without issue for the past four years so I think it has a temp sensor--I just don't remember if temp check has always been turned off. I have a USB updater but don't have a USB comms so I can't get a temperature readout without rolling my own firmware--assuming I could inject commands into the code to display the temp on the LCD. Do you have a code snippet I could try and then I could determine if it's even reporting temp? That said, the first one is for a wall charger and this one is a portable 120/240V 12/26A dual rate charger. Do you think a temp sensor (with check) is even necessary for that kind of use case? It might not even warm up enough to warrant a temp safety check.

(3.48 MB)

Thank you for the picture. The display is a Monochrome and does not have a temperature sensor. The monochrome display has only 16 pins and a color display has 18. The same board can be used with either. If you change the setting to Monochrome it should work correctly.

Oh, I see. The pins tell us it's monochrome even though the board says RGB. Upon reflection, I should have realized that because the monochrome blue is a different color/shade than the RGB blue. I'm sorry for not paying attention to that detail. Do you sell the RGB display itself without the board so I can change it for a color one without having to buy a new assembly?

Also, I'm attaching a picture of the other one that is RGB. Is there a way to determine whether it has a temp sensor? If it does, is it repairable?

(3.34 MB)
(3.66 MB)

The second display also does not have a temperature sensor.

A color display is available here, you would also have to add the 2 missing resistors.

I greatly appreciate your time and responses. Thank you for the support! 

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