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Good day

As am using the MID400 as according to the given diagram. When I use this circuit alone with the Arduino with circuit works perfectly. I mean this me me 5v at no input and 0v when I plugin 240vac. But when I use this circuit with relay(12v) the relay is flickering. Can any one guide me. Thanks


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One thing more. I have make MID400 circuit which is given in Open EVSE Plus V4 and test the circuit but the output is zero and some time the output is toggling between 0 and 5.


I also test the circuit given in Open EVSE V5 using A2731 but my problem is same. 


The Open EVSE V4 and V5 is giving me the zero or toggling output. And the MID400 circuit shown in the first Fig is giving me the exact output but relay is not working with that and my Arduino code starts generating uncertain results. Am totally stuck and frustrated with it. Please any one guide me so I can  solve this issue. Thanks.

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