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Adjust Sensor Value Voltage for closer energy calculations?

I have an OpenEVSE with firmware 7.1.2 and WiFi firmware 4.0.0. Can I now set the Voltage for energy calculations to a more accurate number using the $SV RAPI Command? My voltage runs around 248 V. Example would be:

$SV 248000

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Yes, the command is intended to be used with an external source such as solar or a vehicle that updates regularly over MQTT. You can manually set to 248, however the value is not saved to EEPROM by the station so it will need to be set again if the station is powered down. Here are the notes for the command found in the source code rapi_proc.h.

SV mv - Set Voltage for power calculations to mv millivolts

 $SV 223576 - set voltage to 223.576


  - only available if VOLTMETER not defined and KWH_RECORDING defined

  - volatile - value is lost, and replaced with VOLTS_FOR_Lx at boot
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