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GFCI fault why? Logging?


I’m very new to this. Received my openEVSE last week. My car won’t be available for another week, just preparing things at the moment.

While I was testing an MQTT feed for future solar charging I noticed an error on the openEVSE web frontend: “GFCI fault”. A few seconds later the error disappeared and things appeared normal again.

I assume if that had happend during charging, the session would have been stopped and restarted, putting strain on all components. Nothing to worry once-off, but I wouldn't want that to happen frequently. 

The questions I hope to get answers to here:
The openEVSE was bought fully assembled. Fresh out of the box, never got wet, no car connected. How can it possibly get a GFCI fault?

I was logging all MQTT traffic at the time. I can’t seem to find any mention of the error in that log. Should there be something? Ideally I'd like to be able to create a log file to see how often this is happening (or maybe it was just a once off). 

Any hints appreciated. Thanks so much!


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