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Feeding my car SOC to OpenEVSE with MQTT


I've been doing work with OVMS to add support for the BMW I3.

I can now get a state of charge (and lots more) from the car.

So I can read things like:

ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/b/range/est 240

ovms/CAA5060/metric/v/b/soc 93.7

ovms/CAA5060/metric/xi3/v/b/range/bc 262

ovms/CAA5060/metric/xi3/v/b/range/comfort 240

ovms/CAA5060/metric/xi3/v/b/range/ecopro 262

ovms/CAA5060/metric/xi3/v/b/range/ecoproplus 264

If I can send some of these to the OpenEVSE then the idea is to be able to tell the OpenEVSE to charge to a certain SOC, or range.

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