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3 phase energy metering

I am looking to upgrade energy monitoring, in order to achieve 2 things:

  • Implement a smooth(er) way of supporting 3-phase installations as well as single phase installations.
  • Ensure monitoring happens by a MID-approved energy meter, in order to fulfill regulatory requirements for tax incentives (in Denmark)

This topic was also discussed in 

I expect the monitoring could potentially be handled by an additional SDM630 Modbus V2 MID (, which could be read by the Wifi module, for regulatory requirements.

However, a better solution, and one that would work with the metering functionality in the firmware, would be to drop the existing  Current Measurement Transformer, and instead measure directly through the SDM630.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the viability of this?




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We are working on integrating a revenue grade 3 phase energy metering solution on OpenEVSE to meter single and 3 phase using this chipset:


It will not come on the next revision of the board but the next following. Should be ready middle of 2021.

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