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2020 Prius Prime - Super tight/hard to connect/disconnect

Hi all, been using the Advanced Series - 48A/40A - Charging Station with my 2020 Prius Prime for a few months now.  Overall, I've been quite pleased.  One thing I have struggled with is how hard it is to connect the handle to the plug on the car itself.  I have to use two hands to really jam it on there, and 2 hands to pull it off.  The other day it was rainy and I literally could not unplug it until I got a towel to dry off the plug handle.  It then occurred to me this will only get worse during the upcoming cold winter in NY.

I was hoping the connectors would loosen over time, but no difference after 3 or so months.  Ideas?

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I have a 2021 Rav4 Prime and have the same issue.

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@Allan Trason - I hope you see this.  I made no progress posting on these forums, but I was ultimately able to work with the great company and solve my problem.  I can't remember if I either created a new support ticket or e-mailed directly.  But they offered me a new unit or a new replacement piece.  It's about 80% better than it was before, I find that if I put my left hand "under it" and my right hand on the handle (sort of like a small shotgun...) then it's just about perfect.  Still a bit tight, but probably as expected for a 40amp handle, using a two handed connect/disconnect with the replacement, it is great.

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We worked with Greg and another Toyota owner. We analyzed Greg's return unit and determined the tightness comes from the orange seal inside the plug to prevent water from coming into the inner area with the pins. If you clean then lubricate the seal and the plastic parts on the handle with a dirt and dust resistant dry lubricant, the handle is much easier to insert and remove. Just take care to keep the lubricant away from the pins.

Here is a WD40 dry lubricant that works well.

Thank you for all the responses. I will try the WD40 dry lubricant and see how it goes.
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