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Additional Options for DISPLAY would be nice

I can not see the LCD displays in the sun for the life of me..    Having some other display options would be cool,  Like either OLED, or ePaper would be great.  then i can use the RGB LED module as a status light separate from the display. 

With WiFi you can use any smartphone or tablet as a display. Many smart devices are doing away with displays all together and moving to a smartphone as a display.

Several OpenEVSE builders have created their own VFD display. 

Is there a way to take another feed for the rib lights as an external light?

Yea they sell external rgb leds.
Thanks, that’s better than I hoped. However do you have a link, I couldn’t find anything or any pin out info on the board

Just posting here,  Guess i never did in the past, but I removed (unsoldered) the RGB LCD from the factory lcd board, and installed the OLED display..  here are some pictures of it running with the latest firmware as of today. Easy to see in daylight as well.   You don't have that issue with angle like you do with an LCD (having to look straight on or it starts to fade) I love the OLED displays and don't miss the RGB background, I just use the extra RGB LED's (at the top) to show status. 


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