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I just wanted to post a few issues or notes about the new wifi boards.  

1.) comes with good 3m VHB double sided tape on the back to mount it.  However the solder pins that stick out of the bottom stick out further than the tape.   So sticking onto conductive surfaces will be an issue, otherwise you can trim the pins down, or double up on the VHB tape like I did. 

2.) When powering the WiFi unit separate from the main board, you have to tie the negative DC feed to the case ground to supply a signal ground for the TX & RX signal.  RX/TX should have its own "signal ground" separate from the case ground, but it works jumpering it like this.   

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I agree with Pir8radio to double the double sided tape to protect the pins.

Is there schematics of that Hardware ?  

I want to add custom features to the firmware and it could be great to allow the connection to the unused pins of the ESP32 : 1 DAC, some I/O pins and why not the can rx/tx pins.

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