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Ver 2.5 board firmware update.


 I have an early EVSE ver 2.5 board. Can I load the latest s/w? (or how do I configure newer s/w)

 Also, can I use a Wifi board with this unit?

 I wish to run system controlled charging so I either use excess solar or off-peak power to charge our old car. Never had to worry much before, but I am changing to Time of use metering, so need to keep out of peak time charges.

 We now have 2 EVs: Our new Kona, & our (antique) Imiev.

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Yes, the latest release 5.0.1 should be compatible with the rev 2.5 board.

WiFi is compatible, you will need to take 12V from the DC relay common and ground. You will also want to add the current measurement coil if you dont already have one.

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