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Manual service level and POST

Europe/France 230V L N Firmware 5.0.1 AC relay 40A When I set service level to Auto I get POST with relay test and ground fault detection. But I can't set max current to 32A. When I use service level 2, I can't set 32A max current, but no ground test at startup, neither relay test. GFCI test still ok. All is correct as described in But why disable ground and relay power on self test in level 2?

All safety tests are performed in AUTO, L1 or L2. Auto only cycles the relays to try to automatically determine the service level, this is not a safety test. In Europe with single phase 230v the correct setting is L2. With the setting saved there is no reason to cycle the relay to try to determine the service level, it is actually safer as there is never power on the EV plug even for a short time while determining service level. Regardless of the service levelĀ  stuck relay test is performed any time the relay is open and the ground test is performed any time the relay is closed.

Thanks, it is clear. Your documentation and board design are really neat. Customizable, cheep and fully documented! Great product. Why to buy another commercial product from majors twice the price without any functional documentation and interoperability...

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