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Pilot Circuit Schematic Explanation.

Hi,  I have read other discussions in which I found out that only LMV 358 op-amp is suitable for the design. In the schematic design of the pilot circuit, what's the use of 5 pin connector. I have seen the connection diagram, but I am not clear about the 5 pin connector attached in the pilot circuit. What is that connector for?

2 pins are 12V and Ground.

Vout+ and Vout- are attached with Vcc(8) and Vee(4) pins of the op-amp. In schematic design,"Gnd" has been written along with pin 4 of the opamp and "V+" has been written along with pin 8. So, will an external supply be required or whats else?

I am a bit confused about it. I have attached the picture and encircled the connector.

Can anyone help me out with this?

(7.11 KB)
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DC/DC converter, converts 12v and Gnd to +12v and -12v.

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