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GFCI & CT Replacement

Hi, can I use current sensors like ACS712, SCT-013 instead of GFCI and CT.

 In my understanding GFCI and CT are used to sensor current and fault detection. So what if these 2 are not available or if I want to modify the EVSE Control Board and use one of the current sensors available in the market. Will this ok? 

Any Suggestions?

Can any tell more about GFCI working/operation etc?

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The circuits are specifically designed and tuned to the precise specifications of each coil.

GFCI requires a precise trip of a very small current of only 15ma - 20ma, which requires a special coil with a nickel core coil.

Modifying the circuits or changing the coil is possible but will require a lot of effort to ensure the trip point is correct and the current measurement is accurate. 

The coils are available here, quantity discounts are available. We have 1000+ of each in stock. Purchasing from OpenEVSE helps fund development and ensures parts, information and support is available.



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