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Current Measurement transformer part number

OpenEVSE documentation says that the Current Measurement transformer part number is CR8450-1K-T7QC.

But the closest manufacturer part number is CR8450-1000:

What does the trailing T7QC code mean?

T7QC is a custom designation for OpenEVSE designed part which based on the CR8450-1000. The custom OpenEVSE part is available through the OpenEVSE store. It is not available directly through CR Magnetics or its distributors.

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ok. Thank you.

@OpenEVSE Support

What are the differences between the custom and the standard part?

Could you share the CR8450-1K-T7QC datasheet?

I noticed the following differences so far.



  • -40°C to 105°C Operating Temperature
  • 80A Maximum Current measurement



  • -40°C to 85°C Operating Temperature
  • 100A Maximum Current measurement

The conductor insulation is rated to 105C as required for EVSE use, the length is about double the stock coil and is containerized with a semi locking connector.

The electrical properties are not different from the stock part.

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Is there a part number for the GFCI CT as well?

The GFCI coil is a custom part based on the CR8420-1000-G with longer leads, a 5 turn test coil, connectors and upgraded temperature insulation to meet the required 105°C for EVSE.


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