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Ground fault detection at OpenEVSE

In OpenEVSE hardware, the ground fault CT only detects fault at EV, but what if the ground fault occurs at OpenEVSE itself, how to protect against this which is also hazardous?

You are correct, the ground fault coil detects from the coil out to the handle and vehicle. This is where a ground fault it is most likely to occur from handling and contact exposure to water in the EV a socket, handle or a damaged cord, etc.

There is no ground fault protection inside the enclosure or on the input cord. This is why UL requires short input cords. If the input cord is short and not long enough to ground, it is not likely to get damaged. By requiring a very short cord you end up with one foot of unprotected length and 25 feet of protected. 

Is it hazardous? It could be, you should always use caution when plugging in any device and we would not recommend working on a device that is powered. However if the station is left plugged in and the enclosure is sealed there is very little risk.

Thank you for the reply :) It was helpful.

The OpenEVSE could be protected by powering it via an RCD. 

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