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Time CHARGING (v 6.2.1)

 In the OpenEVSE 5x version, the Charging state displayed the duration of the car charging. I have the 6x version and instead of time I have kW and kWh. I inserted the 20x4 display - I changed the settings and wants to add time to line 3. What should I do?

OpenEVSE was written for and has only been tested on 16 x 2 displays.  You will need to rewrite the LCD libraries and LCD display code to support 20 x 4.

I made changes and the whole display works, 4 lines. I don't know where to get the clock that counts down the loading time as it was in version 5. I added my information (static) and it's ok, I want to have a countdown on 4 lines.

The elapsed time counter was only shown when Ammeter was disabled. 

This may be what you are looking for...


time_t m_ElapsedChargeTime;

Perfect! Work:) 

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