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question about AUTH_LOCK


I have a question about the "S4" RAPI command. 

I want to have a simple off-peak hour charger.

But my EV model requires a charge when it is plugged (to verify electrical parameters), otherwise it sleep forever, and does not wake up at the time the charge is allowed.

I guess i could workaround this easily with the S4 command:

- at night (off-peak) : charge is always unlocked

- daytime : charge is locked by default, and when i detect a transition from state A to state B (plugging action), charge is unlocked during 1 min only.

Is there a reason this command is disabled by the AUTH_LOCK #ifdef, and indeed not present in the firmware by default ???


A secondary question is, in case want to add the S4 command by myself :

What version of arduino IDE do i need to use ?

I tried to recompile source code of the released version (without any modification) with arduino IDE v1.6.13, but a get a different .hex file.

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AuthLock by RAPI works well. I have not seen any dependencies.

Your version of Arduino IDE should be suitable for compilation, v1.6.23 should also work. On other versions, the IDE may say that the firmware is very large. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the firmware with AuthLock turned on, I just turned on #define AUTH_LOCK

I can not say anything about the differences .hex file. Perhaps initially it was not the current version.

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